There’s a neat feature on the SecondLife site ( http://secondlife.com/vote/ ) where Residents can suggest new features and other residents can vote for (but not against) them. This seems like a constructive way to make suggestions, although I don’t know if they get much attention from Linden Labs.

But I had to stop reading this section, because a lot of suggestions got me all anxious. Some were so good that I could hardly wait for Linden Labs to implement them. I don’t like this because I prefer to be excited about what I actually have instead of what I might get in the future.

And then there were some that were so horrifying that I was frightened just reading them. For instance, Teo Bellman suggested “Game should be more realistic, real-life like. There should be no teleports but trains cars cabs planes boats for transportation. There should be crime and law enforcment. Should be NEEDS like hygiene, food, sleep, love and other. There should be education, school’s college and master degree’s. This game should be like real life”

I must say that I don’t believe that Linden will ever do anything like this. Teo’s suggestion has gotten some support, but it sound like what he’s describing is not a virtual world limited only by the imaginations and skills of its residents, but an earthbound simulation of some parts of daily life, perhaps like The Sims. (Teo, try playing The Sims!)

Believing this doesn’t prevent me from getting the heebie jeebies about the idea, though. Flying is wonderful, and teleportation is an obvious solution to the problem of having friends who might live ‘way off on the other side of the virtual world. Second Life is meant to be enjoyable, not to simulate the humdrum bits of daily life–and certainly not to go out of its way to simulate crime! That would make Second Life just a weak imitation of our first lives. As it is, Second Life is a place to do things that aren’t possible in Real Life: that’s really its central purpose.

But I’m arguing with you about it, when really I’m just disagreeing with Teo.

What I don’t understand is why someone would suggest something like this in the first place. Maybe for some people it’s more comfortable to operate in a world where the rules are the same as the one you’re used to? Or maybe from a certain kind of perspective, Second Life seems bad, lacking in morals, temptation off the path of real living? Or maybe Teo’s just bored with infinite possibility and would rather there were things a person had to take care of.

Of course I could get more information on this by just contacting him and asking him, but really, I don’t want to get too much into this discussion other than to post it here and empty myself of the anxiety I’ve felt over something like that. *laughs* Which shows you how invested I am in my Second Life. Given a place to spend some of my time doing exactly what I like, I’m not enthusiastic about giving it up for another real life.

^^^\ Kate /^^^