This was fun: I got a note from Dr. Fran the occupational therapist yesterday saying she’d mentioned the Winged Girl Blog on her Friday podcast. Dr. Fran does three weekly podcasts (online audio broadcasts) each week, and Friday’s broadcast is always about Second Life. She has some interesting insights into SL: you can check it out at .

Anyway, Dr. Fran’s mention was brief, but very generous. And one of her comments got me organizing my thoughts about one of the big questions that come up about sex in Second Life: is it just a poor substitute for something that should be much better and in Real Life? (Dr. Fran didn’t ask this exact question; she just got me thinking about it.)

Kate’s short answer: Hell, no.
Kate’s long answer: Well, that will have to wait for a proper blog entry of its own. Coming soon: “Why to Have (or Not Have) Sex in Second Life”