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OK, I’ve been trying to think of things that can be done to lower the amount of griefing that goes on, and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. This is a free group with open membership; find it in groups and join up! Quick, so you can help determine the theme of the first party!

Second Life Anti-Griefing Guild (SLAGG)

Griefing getting you down? Do something about it! Join SLAGG, a fun and interesting group of people who work to prevent and block griefing.

SLAGGers try to ..
* Find new ways to prevent and minimize griefer activity
* Develop and distribute free tools to repel and escape griefer attacks
* Spread the word about anti-griefing practices and techniques
* Help redirect and rehabilitate griefers (rather than annoying them into coming back with alts and starting over again)
* Expand membership to others interested in minimizing SL griefing (What do you think of the idea of dressing in suits, printing up a bunch of tracts, and going door to door?)
* Come up with useful recommendations for the Lindens, SL merchants, and other groups
* Form productive and fun relationships with other individuals and groups in SL
* Provide ways to work out anti-griefing anger to let people move on with their Second lives (the victims’ assistance group)
* Have some fun! We hold parties, share nifty freebies, and conduct meetings around a dance floor when possible. Orgies will be strictly limited to interested parties and will not be used for official business. (No, I’m kidding about the orgies. Mostly.)

SLAGGers are
* Against griefing but not in the business of encouraging vendettas against griefers (on the RIVE principle: “Revenge Isn’t Very Effective”)
* As a group, neutral on the subject of free and/or unverified accounts. SLAGG won’t take any action or make any statements on that issue, and new members are welcome regardless of their feelings on the subject.