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Well, the Second Life Anti-Griefing Guild (SLAGG) was going to have its first meeting this past Saturday evening, but unfortunately I (who was to be hosting the meeting) had connection problems and we had to postpone the meeting. And about 20 people still showed up! So when I finally managed to get online for a little while, amid glitchy SL music streaming, we chatted about griefing, suggestions for Linden Labs (always a popular topic!), and anti-griefing techniques.

Between research, several knowledgeable people there and a helpful e-mail earlier in the day from Torley Linden, here are some easy anti-griefing techniques. We’ll work on making up a little guide of this kind of thing that we’ll circulate for free as a notecard in-world and post on the Web.

(By the way, did anyone think to save a log of the meeting? I’m terrible at that. Drop me a copy of the notecard if you did, OK?)

One of the attendees of our non-meeting was probably a griefer showing up as an alt, but we didn’t have any griefing problems, and it’s not as though we discuss anything (to steal a phrase from Maus Ennui) soopah seekrit (did I spell that the right way?).

If you aren’t a resident of Second Life, these particulars may not interest you. And to add insult to injury, I don’t have any pictures to post today unless you want to see my Yet Another Great New Dress. *Kate slaps her own hand in rebuke.*

If you have any corrections or other handy bits of information, please comment away!

* In general, teleporting away or logging off temporarily can be very effective in making a griefer give up. Also, if you see anyone griefing, please report them to the Lindens. Filing an abuse report may not be as effective as we’d like, but it can help in some cases, especially if a lot of people are reporting one griefer or group.

* If someone cages you (encloses you in a shape), sit on a non-physical prim. (A non-physical prim is one for which the “physical” setting has not been turned on and that therefore doesn’t react to the physics model that SL has built in. Most builds are probably non-physical except for a lot of vehicles. If you right click somewhere, select create, and make a box, that box will be non-physical.)

OK, once you’re sitting, right-click the object and select edit. Now use the arrows to move the object around. Whee! You can (usually) go right through the walls of the cage. Or create or rez a non-physical object outside the cage and sit on that, and SL will sort of pretend there’s nothing in the way. πŸ™‚

An even easier way to get uncaged is to just teleport away. If you teleport back, though, the cage may come after you again.

You can also try sitting on the cage itself, which will work in some cases. Personally, I enjoy the irony of this option. πŸ™‚

* If someone tries to move you, for instance to throw you around or eject you into orbit, sit on a non-physical object or on the ground, which reputedly makes it impossible to move you! Just have a seat and get on with your business. πŸ™‚

I plan to build a non-physical chair that you can move around with the movement controls, which we can distribute as a freebie. If someone comes around and starts trying to push you hither and yon, you can sit in your anti-griefing chair and be immune to those attacks while still being able to get around.

* If someone is plaguing you with a horde of something…Hello Kittys, locusts, or any other kind of particle effect (which includes most glowy kind of effects and most effects where a bunch of something are flying around), you can just turn off particles, making the things invisible, until the griefer gets bored and goes away. You can turn particle effects on and off (I’m told) by pressing ctrl alt shift = on Windows computers. Does anyone know the key combination on Macintoshes?

* If someone is bothering you through chat, IM, or audio, mute that person! You can right click on the person and select more, then mute … or you can open up the chat history to get a handy drop-down mute list.

We have more useful anti-griefing information to share (recommendations for keeping griefers off your land, ways to share ban lists, and more), but I thought this would be a good start for basic techniques. If anyone would like to help contributing to, maintaining, or distributing anti-griefing information, please IM me. As always, SLAGG discourages counter-griefing and revenge, as they are bad for the digestive system. Thanks!

^^^\ Kate /^^^