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I’ve been away from Second Life and this blog for most of the past week and a half, and I’m a little disturbed to tell you that it wasn’t so bad being away. I missed Second Life itself a little, and I missed my friends more than a little, and I missed Andr3 and Eris quite a lot (they are, after all, my Second Life family), but it’s been a happy time for me even so.

Part of this is just because I’ve been with people I love in my First Life the entire time, but I think the larger part of the comfort and satisfaction is because of my Second Life. Let me try to explain.

My friend Endymion sitting with me at the Second Life Sylph Refuge (our home). Isn’t he beautiful?

I’ve said before that I think the needs that Second Life fills are whichever ones aren’t getting met in our First Lives. In my case these have had a lot to do with spending a time on a regular basis with friends, something I don’t often get to do in First Life because my friends are scattered around the country. Second Life also gives me the freedom to do disreputable things, which is a lot of fun for me.

What I’m finding is that the needs Second Life has been meeting are having noticeable effects on my First Life. I was already quite a confident and happy person in First Life when I started out, but I find that I’ve become both happier and more confident, diving headlong into troubles and coming out on the other side wiser but no sadder.

I don’t mean to say I think that virtual reality automatically makes us better people…but I do think that when a person is getting everything she needs, she shouldn’t be surprised to find herself feeling happy and empowered, which is where I seem to be at the moment.

I don’t mean to tempt fate by saying these things. Happiness isn’t a permanent way of being, and how empowered a person feels has something to do with what kinds of problems she’s looking at. Still, there’s something to being able to march out into the world with the love of people you respect and the sense that you’re able to do most of the things you would ever care to do, even if the doing is happening only in a few human minds and in the whirring innards of a computer network somewhere in California.

Eris ice skating

If you celebrate any of the December holidays, I hope you’ve found them restful and fun, fun, fun. As for the New Year, I hope that you’ll have someone in your Second Life who, like many of my Second Life friends and Eris and Andr3 especially, helps fill whatever parts of you that you may be looking to have filled.

^^^\ Kate /^^^

To my regular readers: sorry to have gone so long between posts without warning you all that I’d be away. I’ll be sure to leave notes for you here in future!