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Friday nights La Danse Macabre at Mystery Isle has a formal ball, which delights me. Sometimes it’s simply formal and sometimes it’s a masquerade, and they may play classical or jazz or swing, but regardless, it’s the kind of do you don’t often find in Second Life: Second Life is long on ball gowns and short on balls.

Wait, is it too late for me to rephrase that?

Anyway, this past Friday’s dance was postponed until Saturday, and on Saturday Eris and I went to the ball, or formal dance, or whatever we’d like to call it. I wore a dark, form-fitting suit that manages to be feminine and gentlemanly at the same time, so that I wouldn’t upstage Eris’s lovely ball gown, of which I unfortunately don’t have any pictures. 😦

This turned out to be the right decision, because Hevy Malibu, a Second Life group dance enthusiast, showed up with a wonderful kind of strutting dance that begged for a tophat and cane (which he supplied), and anyone who liked could join in by simply touching his head, which frankly I find strange, if convenient. Hevy started a Second Life dancing-in-groups-for-fun group called Funky Feats: if you like this kind of thing, Hevy has what you need.

So here for your momentary diversion are pictures of the spontaneous chorus line from La Danse Macabre Saturday. In Second Life, you just don’t see this kind of thing very often.