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Organizing people in Second Life is not like herding cats. Herding cats is easier. Organizing people in Second Life is like herding cats that disappear.

So this is a problem that has come up for the Second Life Anti-Griefing Guild (SLAGG): we began the group with large meetings where we were beset by griefers. This was actually kind of fun, as the griefers were not very effective, and we began to be able to hash out what we needed to do.

So the next phase was organizing anti-griefers into small groups to get specific tasks done. For the success of this phase, I refer you to the thing I wrote up there about herding cats that disappear.

So, how does a group get something done if organization is nearly impossible? Stop organizing! That’s the plan, anyway. SLAGG needs to become a one-on one organization.

To that end, what we need at this point are Anti-Griefing Captains. These would be responsible, experienced people willing to keep in touch with several Anti-Griefing Volunteers each to help keep the volunteers on track and funnel information into the organization and out to the members. I’ll work one-on-one with Anti-Griefing captains to find out what kind of Volunteers they want to work with and make sure they have the information and resources they need to do that, then get them paired up with Volunteers.

To qualify for consideration for an Anti-Griefing Captains commission, here are the requirements:

* Regularly available in Second Life (on for at least a couple of hours at least a few days a week)
* At least two months old
* Has never participated in griefing
* Is not affiliated with any griefing group
* Has at least two personal references from avatars who are also at least two months old
* Willing and able to keep in touch with at least three Volunteers
* Willing to uphold the tenets of SLAGG (these include not attacking or counter-attacking griefers, treating people with consideration, innocent until proven griefer, and of course not griefing)
* A good dancer

(OK, the good dancer thing isn’t strictly speaking a requirement, but c’mon, that’s an easy one!)

Please IM me (Kate Amdahl) to apply for an Anti-Griefing Captain position. Yes, you do get a free t-shirt. (That’s what you wanted to know, wasn’t it?)

Picture: My friend Endymion, who is not an Anti-Griefing Captain but who looks swell in a uniform.