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I’m sorry to report that after several months of trying and several different approaches, we still haven’t stirred up enough active participation among the many members of the Second Life Anti-Griefing Guild (SLAGG) to get anywhere. Each time we tried to get members set up to do constructive work for the group or tried calling for volunteers, we found ultimately that we didn’t have people available to put in the time that would be needed.

There were a very few people who were willing to work and contribute to the group, and then a number who were not able to do so. So, we’ve disbanded SLAGG. It was a nice idea, but ultimately it seems as though Residents are not in Second Life to take on more work, but rather to relax and enjoy themselves. That seems entirely reasonable to me, and I do support Residents being able to use Second Life as a place to rest and regenerate and play.

It appears that some members may not have gotten the group notice I sent out before disbanding the group; if you were ejected from SLAGG tonight, it was only because the group was disbanded.

It’s a bit sad to see the group go, but better a disbanded group than a sort of undead shell of a group!

And it’s particularly sad to see these lovely t-shirts Eris designed go to waste!

^^^\ Kate /^^^