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Coadey Concord is the designer of Aurora Wings, which I’ve mentioned here before: they’re particle wings with all kinds of preset modes and effects, like “Aurora”, “Devil”, and “Daisy”. You can also set them to whatever size and colors and other features you want. And now they’re free! (Well, L$1. That’s free enough!)

By the way, sorry for the going a bit overboard with the poses in these pictures. The photography is wonderful, in my opinion (thank you, lovely Eris!), but the poses I chose are a bit…dramatic. Well, it was fun, anyway. What’s the use of having hundreds of outfits if you can’t play at being a model every once in a while?

When I bought my Aurora Wings, I paid L$150 and counted myself very lucky. But recently Coadey decided to start giving the wings away. When he said he was going to do this, I asked if I could put a vendor in my shop, and he kindly obliged me. If you’d like a pair of your own, drop by Kate Tease (you can click on the words “Kate Tease” to start up Second Life and teleport there, or IM me for a landmark).

By the way, a “particle effect” is a scripting technique you can use to make things radiate from a particular spot. It’s the same method people use to make butterflies that float around the area and eventually vanish or explosions or snow.

^^^\ Kate /^^^