Maybe the urge to be an identical twin is something that normally shows up only in middle school girls who coordinate their outfits for school and for whom the most serious vow that can be sworn is “best friends.”

On the other hand, maybe it’s one of those things that almost anyone can identify with. If you have an identical twin, then there’s someone who understands you so well, you have nothing to hide. Your goals are your twin’s goals. Your perceptions are your twin’s perceptions. And you never have to face anything alone.

Well, at least those seem like the big selling points. Frankly, Eris and I didn’t think about it much: we just say “Hey, let’s try being twins for a while!” And that’s what we did.

Eris and me as twins

Now, normally we would have had to choose our appearance as twins, but that’s not exactly what we did. Instead, since we’re in Second Life and in Second Life all body shapes can be reduced to a sequence of about 81 numbers between 0 and 100, we each went and documented all of our numbers for our accustomed shapes. Then we put our numbers beside each other. Then we averaged them. And then we made a new shape from those numbers.

Our twin is an average of Eris and me. Here, here are pictures:

Eris Me Our twin avi

We wondered, before we made our twin shape, whether an average of our two shapes would turn out to be something we didn’t find pretty. After all, we haven’t tried to be generically pretty, either one of us. What if the average was blandly uninteresting?

Well, neither of our shapes might be to your taste anyway, and if not, I’ll bet our twin shape doesn’t appeal to you either. But for the two of us, who are happy with our usual shapes, the twin shape came out wonderfully, a strange and (to us) graceful blending of Eris-ness and Kate-ness.

Now, you might accuse us of doing this simply for the shopping. For a twin skin, we actually used a wonderful free skin (CS Passport), which I like almost as much as a good-quality non-free skin. But for hair and clothes and shoes, of course we had to run out and buy matching items. Because you have to do that if you’re twins! We had a ball, and we probably spend L$1000 each, which might have been silly except that we like our purchases so much. We bought color change shoes from AFantasy and a couple of striking outfits (like the Dragon Princess ones in our picture here) from Nicky Ree and a couple of styles of hair from Pazzazz and matching sets of sparkling prim eyes from Here Comes Trouble.

Anyway, if you were to accuse us of getting twin avis just for the shopping, it would be horribly unfair, but I’d have a hard time proving you were wrong.

Oh, I haven’t told you about the special things we did to become more twin-like, other than appearance. First, we got special group tags: mine says Eris Fallon, and Eris’s says Kate Amdahl, so with my name it looks like this:

Eris Fallon
Kate Amdahl

And Eris’s looks like this:

Kate Amdahl
Eris Fallon

And I made a little attachment we can use to speak with each others’ names, so that when we say something, it shows up in green and you can’t tell for sure whether it was said by the twin whose name is attached or by the other twin.

Overboard? Gosh, yes. But it’s so fun!

The line between us blurs in a heady and interesting way. It stops being very important who’s who, although of course we know perfectly well. And maybe that’s all it’s about: having a friend so close that you can understand your differences with her completely and yet to the world, you’re always together.

^^^\ Kate /^^^