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Here’s a progress report: Eris and I have been working away like a pair of bees who have had too much coffee (coffee flower nectar?) on our new venue, which will be called The Diversionarium. We bought 1536 square meters of land and deeded it to our Diversionarians group, and Eris has been creating the building for the place. Wow, do I love this building. Love, love, love. I’ve contributed a lot of opinions and a very rough chair, and from those things Eris has created this beautiful sky building and couches and chairs where you can sit properly without using pose balls and a big fireplace and a stage with curtains that open and close (I did the scripts for those) and nooks for each of the activities we’re creating and…well, I’ll get some pictures and post them as soon as I can. We’re trying to create a place that feels warm and friendly and welcoming, not cool or flashy or trendy.

While she’s been building, I’ve been creating scripted objects to play games. 🙂

Here are some things we won’t have at the Diversionarium, at least as far as we plan now: food, drink, dancing, gambling, sex, best in black contests, profits. I think that effectively makes it different from any other hangout in Second Life, but then of course the question arises: why would anyone want to go there? Well, we’ll have a bunch of scripted activities: comedy sketch improvisations, Quoste (a game where you try to discover a quote by guessing words from clues), group limerick-writing using our Limeruckus box, a game where a builder gets a word and has to try to build that thing for the other players to guess in a particular time period, friendly conversation with interesting people, and a sort of notecard sleuth game where you try to guess who goes with what notecard full of answers to strange questions. Basically, it’s a place where people who like words and creativity and the arts can go to do fun things and meet other artsy or brainy or fun-loving types.

There will be plenty to do there, and some of the activities you can even do alone. Everything is free, and we did our best to pick a location with low lag. We’ll have a donation box in case anyone wants to contribute toward land and building costs, but feel free to ignore it!

We’re not sure, but we hope to be able to have our opening event next week some time, probably on the weekend. Wish us luck!

If you want to be on the event notification list, just join the Diversionarians group, which you can find by searching groups, or instant message Kate Amdahl or Eris Fallon. We’re also interested in people who’d like to host events, like improv evenings or round robin group storytelling.

Pictures later!

^^^\ Kate /^^^