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Here are the pictures I promised with yesterday’s entry on our Diversionarium progress. Thanks to Eris for both the pictures and the build!

Here’s an overhead shot: you can see where people teleport in, and the different nooks and areas. We did our best to come with a space that had different areas that were clearly set apart, but that were all open to each other, not closed off or hidden.

Here’s the stage! We might do a lot of things here, but we’ll start with comedy improvs, ones that people just come up and do without any special qualifications or preparation. Some of them are audience participation. We have some improv games in the works, too.

The central area. Eris builds things with beautiful midnight lighting, so it’s always a lot of fun to turn on the lighting preferences and force the sun to the midnight setting to see them.

The signature Diversionarium couch and chair. If you have a sit pose in your AO, like I do, it will use that pose when you sit. (And if you don’t, we thought we might eventually give away some custom sit poses and instructions of how to use them in an AO.) It places everyone properly without pose balls or hours of clicking, using a sit script we put together. The furniture is supposed to look comfy. 🙂 Oh, and it’s low prim! Three prims for each, and the couch include 3 sits. Eris worked on that for a long time!

A reader IM’d to let me know the group wouldn’t let her join, so we probably need to change the settings. If you’d like to get notices about the Diversionarium and can’t join the group immediately, just IM me to add you! 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^