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Beta Night

So, Eris and I have been working on the Diversionarium for several weeks. Last night, we had a houseful of friends over to try everything out. And it was great! I took a few pictures (below), and Eris took more, which I’ll post later. We’ll post more after opening night.

Shirley Marquez sculpting for Mystery Build

So as to our success, don’t get me wrong: not everything worked. Some scripts weren’t in root prims where they needed to be (if you build an object out of more than one primitive shape, one is always the root, or main, prim, and that’s the one that usually should have the programming in it). The Avisleuth game ate most of its question cards once, and the Improvistation was refusing to hand out improvs. But all of the games and activities worked, and most things worked with no trouble. Everyone seemed to be having fun, and conversation sprang up effortlessly. This is the kind of place we wanted to build!

Eric, Stormy, Eris and me writing limericks with Limeruckus

And several of our friends had improvements to suggest, like making some wing-friendly chairs and having the audience guess the premise for the improvs to get more audience participation.

The improv area

We still have details to take care of and things to fix, but we’ll be ready and eager to play this coming Friday at 7:30 SLT when we have our grand opening. Our next event after that, we expect, will be a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” night on our improv stage. And after that, who knows?

^^^\ Kate /^^^

Avisleuth, the match-the-answers-to-the-avatar game

PS – Here’s a press release we wrote up for the event. If you know anyone who might be interested or might be interested in posting it on your blog or know of an organization that might want to see it, please copy it and pass it around! Thanks!

Quoste, the quote-guessing game

New Second Life Venue Aims to Get Strangers Talking

Kate Amdahl and Eris Fallon, known to friends as the Sylphs, will open a new kind of Second Life venue they call the Diversionarium, or “the Div” on May 25th. The Div will be dedicated to word games, social games, and creative play.

“There’s no place I know of to go in Second Life where you can depend on getting in a conversation with new, interesting people,” says Amdahl. “There are lots of places where interesting people go, but those people aren’t always going out to socialize. We decided to create a venue for people who want to play with words and humor and personalities and creativity, a place where the activities actually *require* conversation.”

The Div will host Div-only activities run from objects devised and scripted by the Sylphs: comedic improvs done by audience volunteers; a game where groups work together to solve clues to words that form a quotation; a “prim charades”-style game in which a builder tries to get other players to guess a word by building within a time limit; group-written limericks; and Avisleuth, in which players are given anonymous notecards with other players’ answers to unusual questions and try to sleuth out whose notecard they have.

Amdahl says that in addition to these 24/7 scripted activities, the Div will host periodic creative and playful events, and that they expect to add more scripted activities down the road. Visitors will be encouraged to submit more material to be incorporated into the existing games, such as quotes for the quote game and tasks for the prim building game.

Amdahl says that the Div will not offer dancing, gambling, fighting, sex, shopping, “or any of the other things you can already do at other fun spots in Second Life.”

The Diversionarium is a free, not-for-profit venue, although the Sylphs say they’ll make a donation box available to help defray costs. Notices are available through the “Diversionarians” group, which can be joined through a groups search or by IMing Eris Fallon or Kate Amdahl. Opening night is scheduled for Friday, May 25th, at 7:30 PM SL time.

The Diversionarium, Noul, (26, 14, 402)