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After weeks of building and scripting and texturing like madwomen, Eris Fallon and I will officially open the Diversionarium to the public tomorrow, Friday, May 25th, at 7:30 PM SL time (same as Pacific Standard Time). Use the link below, find us in places or events, or IM us to get there.

The Diversionarium is the first and so far only spot in Second Life (and a not-for-profit one at that) with social games and creative play available 24/7. We’re doing our best to make it a place where you can go at practically any time and be able to get into conversations with interesting strangers through fun and creative games with words, building, improvisation, poetry (or doggerel!), and personalities.

For notices about Diversionarium events, join the Diversionarians group through group search or IM Kate Amdahl or Eris Fallon.

We’re looking for volunteer hosts! Ever consider that maybe sometimes you should be the center of attention? Like meeting interesting people? Consider volunteering for brief or long time slots as a Div host.

If you’re curious to hear more, there’s more information and a press release in my Beta Night blog post. 🙂

And thanks to Rik Riel for his delightful write-up of the Div on Wagner James Au’s New World Notes!

SLURL for the Diversionarium

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