We had a wonderful turnout at the opening of the Diversionarium last night, and here (from Eris) are the pictures to illustrate! (For anyone who hasn’t read my earlier posts or heard about it elsewhere, the Diversionarium is Eris Fallon’s and my non-commercial spot for social games and creative play. It has a bunch of activities and games run through scripted objects that use words, ideas, and building talents.) When I say wonderful, I don’t just mean that we had a lot of people show up, although we did, but that the people I met last night were the kind of people I love to run into in Second Life. Many of them were habitues of the second_lifers Livejournal group, and I was delighted to meet them in person.

Eris and I wore Thai sampot dresses for the occasion

A good turnout

There were Chrysocolla and Mahoro, who tore through clues in our word game, Quoste, like bears tear into bee hives. There was Seven, who in his purple-haired Harry Potter avatar kept half a dozen people or more entertained with his builds in our Mystery Build game (my favorite was “carnival”. It seemed like it took him about 15 seconds to build two carnival tents with little flags on top); and Grizzy Griswold and Gira Bryant, who both took time away from their respective, wonderful venues to visit the Div; and many other fascinating people.

Seven at Mystery Build

We had glitches, certainly. It turned out that our Avisleuth game took great exception to players not filling out their notecards; and Mystery Build refused to deliver challenge tasks, giving only the easier standard tasks…but we made some fixes right in the moment and no one much seemed to mind the occasional scripting hiccup. Conversation galore, certainly.

Devo hats were all the rage …

When I finally got a challenge task out of Mystery Build, it gave me George Washington. In a few minutes, I was to use prims and colors (no textures allowed) to build something that people could recognize as George Washington. It think it was Caliburn who actually guessed it:

Maybe because the teeth, while undefined, appear to be wooden?

Next up, perhaps this coming weekend, will be a Whose Line Is It Anyway? comedy improv event. Eris and I are working on a conversation piece slide show where anyone can submit captioned pictures, and a month or so down the road, we should have fireworks sculpting. If you’d like to be kept up to date on events, please join the Diversionarians group or IM me!

Avisleuth! At left you can see Grizzy and Caliburn.

Me, Gira, her lovely friend Leia, and Eris’s and my friend Chris Luna