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So I’ve been interested in what it’s like to be on Second Life as a different race from the almost uninterrupted sea of white people. Thanks to the knowledgeable people on the LiveJournal second_lifers community (including our friend Soph, whom I guess I should have just asked in the first place!), I finally was able to find the skin I needed to put together a Japanese version of myself (Keiti?). Eris came along with me to Tete a Pied, where we tinkered with new shapes while we waited for skins to rez. (Almost everywhere we went last night was laggy, laggy, laggy until we came back to the Diversionarium.)

After getting new skin, hair, and eyes and changing our shapes, we went through our respective wardrobes, which were more than up to the challenge, and dressed the part. Eris came up with a lovely version of her avi that, to our eyes, looks distinctly Vietnamese. I think my results were less strikingly on-target, but I did come out looking (it seemed to me) passably Japanese.

I’m on the right, in green. I’d never seen
that dress before on Eris, that I recall. Wow. πŸ™‚

Now, my question from here is, will people treat us any differently, or will we experience Second Life differently, in these avatars? Our only experience of strangeness so far was when our friend nox came by and said “I feel like a giant!”, because our new avis are both to normal human scale and smaller than the average Caucasian woman even on that scale. She did look like a giant to us, or we looked like pygmies next to her. Later when I changed back into gaijin Kate, she seemed a perfectly normal size.

And down the road, I’ll try further race bending experiments. While it’s not like being a minority race in First Life, it should still be enlightening.

^^^\ Kate /^^^