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Last night we had our first ever comedy improv event at the Diversionarium. Our improvistation has little comedy improv games that can be played at any time; you just click on it and it asks you how many players you have and whether or not you want audience participation.

This was different: this was hosted comedy improv games with special rules, a la Whose Line Is It Anyway (I spent the last week watching a number of episodes and carefully noting each of the improvs. We utterly stole all of their ideas.) And was it fun! 🙂

Hosting comedy improv games? You gotta have a desk with a buzzer!

Now, frankly I think these games are more fun for participants than audiences, because being typed, the things everyone’s saying can’t come at the pace they would if they were spoken (which gives people more time to be clever anyway!) So in future, I think we’ll do it as an event mainly to participate in instead of that and an event to watch, although onlookers will still be welcome.

We played “Weird Newscasters” and “Tell a Story” and “Film, Theater and Television Styles” and “World’s Worst.” Some of my favorite moments were The Legendary Battle of Cigarette Spokesperson and Bear and the World’s Worst Linden Announcements.

The Marlboro rep throws fireballs in the shoe-eating bear’s face
(The bear is Grizzy, in a huge bear head she pulled out of inventory)
Bear down!

Our players were Ashleigh Dickins, Athena Maeterlinck (in a flaming horse avatar!), Grizzy Griswold, Ceres Eilde, and Mahoro Korobase.

For next time, improvements!

  • A props and sets person, if we can find one, to set the scene for each improv
  • If possible, a sound effects person too! (who might also do some visual effects if they like)
  • Players are already welcome to use attachments, animations, sounds, props, etc., but we’ll try to find ways to make that easier, and may give out some props some of the time
  • Some kind of laugh track or something? The players deserve to know how much I was laughing!
  • A slightly less obnoxious “time up” buzzer. 🙂
  • And of course I have a number of improv games we haven’t even tried yet.

So spread the word: we’re looking for someone who controls an inventory full of wonderful things for a sets and props master, and someone who loves playing with sounds as a sound effects master. Any volunteers?

^^^\ Kate /^^^