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Hi! The Diversionarium is now looking for artists to be kept on exhibit at the Diversionarium, perhaps in frames that can show one piece after another of yours. We’re mostly looking for artists who work in their First Lives, but Second Life art photography is also good. If you’re interested, please send a few samples to both Eris Fallon and Kate Amdahl.

Hosts and Your Feedback
If you’ve been to the Div and have suggestions or you might be interested in being a host, please IM Kate Amdahl to let me know what times you might be available to come meet with some other interesting people and talk about it!

We don’t have firm plans to pay hosts (and we don’t profit from the Diversionarium), but if a stipend would be a major factor for you, let us know! We’re trying to find a way to do something like that.

Puzzle Writers
Two of the games at the Diversionarium, Quoste and Avisleuth, run on notecards full of material. Quoste uses words with individual clues, and the words add up to a complete quote. Avisleuth uses unusual questions that help spark conversation. If you’re interested in writing some of one or the other, please do IM! We can send guidelines and more information, and we can probably give credit for authorship during the game.

If it’s easier than IMing, you can also e-mail me through my GMail account, which is WingedKate.

Eris came up with a wonderful idea to day: a Diversionarium helper HUD that makes it easier to join games and gives you step-by-step instructions as you play them. Seasoned players won’t need them, but we hope they’ll make it very easy for new players to play. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^