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In case you aren’t already tired of hearing me say it, the Diversionarium is a not-for-profit place for social games and creative play. The main attraction there is socializing with other people while playing scripted word and creative games that are available ’round the clock. We’re now hiring hosts, so please read on if you’re interested in a Second Life job that doesn’t involve stripping or selling anything.

Eris and I (the creators of the place) have decided to hire some hosts, sometimes for special events but more often to just be present throughout the evening to help people with the games and just be a friendly, helpful, welcoming presence.

I think the time frame will usually be arrive by 6:30 SLT and stay until at least 9:00 SLT, sometimes playing games with visitors, helping show people how to use things, encouraging feedback and participation in the various activities, offering to add visitors to the group, and sometimes perhaps coming up with new material for the puzzle games if things get slow. Having your friends hang out and talk the whole time you’re there is fine-actually, it’s encouraged, as long as you don’t get sidetracked from visitors! Pays L$500 per evening (I know, not a fortune, but on the bright side you don’t have to sleep with a newbie to get it!). Sorry, no personal tip jars-but since Eris and I work for free, you’re still getting paid more than we are. 🙂

We don’t know whether or not we’ll continue this long-term, but we’ll try it for a month or so and see.

Please spread the word! If you’re interested in applying, please IM Kate Amdahl, or contact me through my GMail account, where my user name is wingedkate .

^^^\ Kate /^^^