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It was an unusual event, to say the least, and loads of fun. It spanned two venues, two cultures (and that’s only if you don’t count our stray Viking and Chinese Dragon), and 1500 years. It was attended by gods, monsters, and a superheroine, among others. You should have been there (and some of you were!).

Yes, I’m talking about our Classical Mythology event, which we held at Grizzy’s Cafe (for dancing) and the Diversionarium (for games and talking). Several of us spent some time on special avatars for the event: Eris and I came as Athena and Artemis, respectively…Grizzy came as Medusa…our friend Lynn came as Aphrodite…and our friend Argent even came as Wonder Woman (who, if you’ll remember your comic book lore, was an “Amazon Princess”).

We dolled up the Diversionarium for the event with stone pillars, marble, and ancient Greek amphorae. We even came up with special material for the games: quotes from ancient politicians and philosophers for Quoste, ancient culture and mythology-related personal questions for Avisleuth, and classical mythology challenges and tasks for Mystery Build.

Notably, we finally got a new, chat-based version of Avisleuth working. Avisleuth i s a game that asks you personal questions (not *too* personal, usually!) and then tells you other people’s answers and has you try to guess who goes with which answer. The old version handed out notecards, which you would fill out and pass back in. The new version uses chat, which not only is much more reliable (Second Life often didn’t feel like letting the notecards pass back and forth!), but is more fun because you get to see and guess about everyone’s answers, and now there are points.

Now that the Mythology event is over, all that new mythology material is mixed in with the existing material, so there’s more to play on each game.

While I can’t say the result is something that would have looked familiar and homey to Aeschylus or Marcus Aurelius, it was a lot of fun for us, and I think we might have to do it again some time (so that my Artemis avatar doesn’t go to waste!).

If you want to see more pictures, Grizzy’s album (for all of her events, not just the Mythology one) is at www.flickr.com/groups/grizzyscafe, and Eris has an album of Mythology event pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/ErisFallon/MythologyEvent12Jul2007.

If you were there, please post what you thought or pictures in comments!

^^^\ Kate /^^^