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* You can travel between distant points instantly, with a swooshing noise
* You think nothing of wearing skin-tight clothing over your perfect body*
* You can be hit by a bomb and come out without a scratch on you
* You can fly
* You are from another world
* You can change clothes in the blink of an eye
* You regularly see people in strange costumes and greet them by name
* You may have a secret identity
* Your hair is always perfect
* Some of the people you know are not human
* You look like a sexy cartoon*

^^^\ Kate /^^^

*I know, not everyone – but most of us!

Yes, that’s me dressed as Wonder Woman. Hush, it was fun.
Next I’ll play a sitting pose and fly like that so I look
like I’m in my invisible plane.

With apologies to Argent Bury, who had the idea before I ever did!