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Well, Second life’s motto is “Your World. Your Imagination.” It really is our world in most respects, in that we build all the things and run all the events and populate it. It isn’t quite our world in some ways, for instance in that we don’t have any participation in its governance (although from what I’ve seen, most of us would much rather play than debate policy anyway) or direct say in the way things work in the world.

So here’s my idea: multiple worlds. One world is the Second Life world as it already exists. Other worlds run on the same software platform, but on different computers, and sometimes with different rules about how the system works and what can be done there. For instance, there could be a world where a police force sponsored by the people who run that world would kick griefers out permanently. There could be a world of only sky. There could be a world run out of some other country where gambling is legal for people who want to gamble. There could be a world where everything obeys physical laws – so no teleporting or flying, for instance. There could be anything.

This is a little different than sims or plots of land. Different worlds could have different rules of behavior, could have participatory government that could change the very laws of the universe, could be closed to certain people or have certain requirements to enter them. They wouldn’t have to be large, and it would be easy enough to teleport from one to another, behind the scenes logging out of the old world and logging into the new – if you were allowed.

Of course, then you have the same problem with worlds that you have with dance clubs. What if nobody shows up? But if the number of worlds is small enough, that shouldn’t be a problem. How many worlds do we need, anyway?

What do you think?

^^^\ Kate /^^^