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Last night at the Diversionarium we had a ball at Building Games and Fascinating Costumes night, where we played Mystery Build (mostly), a scripted game where one person builds and everyone else tries to guess the word or phrase being built, and where most everyone showed up in some of their most fascinating costumes and avatars.

Kate the airmaid and Eris the harlequin, who got stuck making a “Yay!” gesture Grizzy brought that was meant to be harmless

Our guests included our friend and fellow Div host Kedawen Darrow, dressed in an icy avatar; me and Eris, dressed as an airmaid (you know, like a mermaid, but living in the clouds instead of the sea) and a harlequin; Seven Shikami and Jen Shikami (I haven’t yet had a chance to blog properly about their wings, available at Seven’s Selections, but oh, my, are they worth talking about!); Grizzy Griswold of Grizzy’s Cafe; Meissa Thorne; DrFran Babcock, whom I was delighted to be able to socialize a bit with (although we hit her with Avisleuth, which is much harder if you don’t already know the people you’re playing with a bit!), Turbo Racecourse, and a friendly woman who went by the name of Blood and whose full name I didn’t think to write down.

Enough with the talk: here are some more pictures. 🙂

Seven as a clockwork girl (he put the avi together himself)

Jen playing Mystery Build. The correct answer was “alien invasion”. That’s Meissa to the left.

Oh, by the way: we’re moving! London Spengler and Natsumi Yue have built a beautiful area called Pandoria with beaches, poseballs, a classically-themed nude skybox, and other attractions, and they’ve invited us to join them there, so we’ll be transferring the Div over starting tonight and should be up and running at our new home within a few days. I’ll post the SLURL here soon! Immense thanks to London and Nat for the tremendous support they’re offering the Div, and here’s to seeing even more people of a fascinating kind there.

Grizzy the Ghost

This was my partway-done attempt at building something so people would guess “hunting”. The animal is of course a deersheep. Apparently a wooden one.
Wasp Grizzy saying ‘yay!’ and ice-cold Kedawen, who ironically had to log off early because her computer was overheating

Dr. Fran’s winged serpent avatar, which makes me think of Quetzalcoatl

^^^\ Kate /^^^