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Thursday night our friend nox Pinion hosted a mermaid night at the Diversionarium, and we reveled with both finned and legged people there. We also fooled around with the new Othello (Reversi) sets at the Div, which are up and available to play ’round the clock.

Left to right: me, nox Pinion, Eris Fallon, and FerretHerder Kitsune

The most embarrassing incident of the night was when we had a guest come by partly naked. The Div has always been a clothing-please spot, so we did what we would normally do, which is to say we gently teased the gentleman. It took us a few minutes to remember that Pandora’s Park is nude-friendly, and we had never put up a sign at the Div saying it was an exception! We apologized, and saw our visitor again later under more festive circumstances, but it’s a reminder to me to remember that one set of rules doesn’t serve for all of Second Life!

Left to right: me, Ferret, nox, Eris, and the Othello game (London later
got a nicer one working for us, which we’ll use going forward)

We placed copies of most of the Diversionarium games around on those beautiful lagoon platforms Eris created so that mer-people and legged people could both gather around the same games without having to leave their element.

The lagoon, which merges with the lower
level of the Diversionarium

We’d love to hear what people think about the lagoon. If you get a chance to stop by and have suggestions for making it more mermaid-friendly, would you let us know? I’d also like to gather a set of links to great mermaid stores. Any recommendations?

Eris and me

My favorite thing about being a mermaid in Second Life is the peaceful feeling of swimming through a quiet lagoon, but my second favorite thing is that in Second Life, mermaids can fly, too. 🙂

Oh, and we had fireworks and other fun while we were there. (There were more of us than I actually got pictures of; as usual, I didn’t think of pictures until late in the evening!) Anyone interested in getting a special note the next time we have mermaid night? Mermaids, mermen, and legged people are all welcome.

(And we had Faerie night last night, which I’ll post about later!)

The Diversionarium is a non-commercial spot for social games, creative play, and miscellaneous horsing around. It’s located in beautiful Pandora’s Peace Park and includes some well-known games, like chess and Othello, as well as exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else: word games, building games, and more.

SLURL: The Diversionarium in Pandoria