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In case you missed it, here are pictures from Faerie night at the Diversionarium on Friday.

Jen Shikami of Seven’s Selections very kindly put out free scripted wings
and wing demos for the event, including this beautiful pair (that’s me wearing
them, of course).

Faeries and winged people playing Avisleuth: Eris Fallon, Kate Amdahl, Pepper Underall,
Barber Shepherd, London Spengler, Lina Olaria (who appeared to have just arrived from serving
as Angel of Death in an abbatoir), and Grizzy Griswold

Eris and me wearing our faerie glow

Evelyn Edelman

Evelyn, Skye Lewellen, Grizzy Griswold

Natsumi Yue and London Spengler, who together built Pandora’s Peace Park

When I’m the builder in Mystery Build, I always try to do the
Challenge tasks, which often means I fail to build anything anyone can guess. Here’s how
far I’d gotten when I ran out of time on the task “Tom Sawyer”

After the event, we all went to see London’s beautiful Elyseum build. (That’s me in the foreground).

Jen Shikami (in pink) in her in-progress tiny faerie avatar. Amazing! In front of her is Meissa
Thorne, relaxing in the Elyseum. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures that do that spot
justice yet, but a glimpse is better than nothing!

The Diversionarium is a non-commercial spot for social games, creative play, and miscellaneous horsing around. It’s located in beautiful Pandora’s Peace Park, with a mer-friendly lagoon, and includes some well-known games, like chess and Othello, as well as exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else: word games, building games, and more.

SLURL: The Diversionarium in Pandoria

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