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I wondered what you all, particularly venue owners of certain venues out there, might think about an idea I had to help promote friendly clubs and hangouts in Second Life. It wouldn’t be for everyone, but I was thinking that it might be really helpful to band together and find more ways to reach people and get the word out about all of the neat little places there are to go in Second Life that are more social than hard-core.

The kind of places I’m thinking of are ones that might be something like this…

* Don’t seek to make a big profit (although it’s fine to get donations to cover costs)
* Have no sex, stripping, or escorts
* No violence
* Are open to everyone
* Are kind to newbies
* Don’t have any gambling, legal or illegal
* Aren’t selling anything, and
* Have scheduled events or hosts

(Those aren’t all set in stone, by the way! They’re just starter ideas.)

It wouldn’t be for everyone! There are a lot of wonderful places out there that are loud and crowded or sexy…there are romantic spots…there are fun but slightly naughty clubs like Thirsty Tigers or Sanctuary…and of course there are any number of stores I love! This group would be for different venues, though, the ones where you might go to meet new friends or to play games or to talk. I think of places like the Diversionarium and Grizzy’s, or what the Elbow Room used to be like. The only reason to exclude those other kinds of venues is so that we have something specific to offer people when we promote ourselves.

Maybe someone will start a similar group of sexy venues. 🙂 That would be fun.

I think having a group like this working together to get the word out might help us reach more people. We could have information about all the venues in spots newbies frequent, have a group blog where we announce events and post pictures later, or other things. We could each have a little object at our venue that shows pictures and descriptions of each of the venues in turn (you could scroll through them) and a landmark for each one. We might work with a group of vendors to see if we can get prizes for contests at our venues in exchange for mentioning the vendor. We could have different events at different times, so that there was always something to do at one or another of the venues. Well, there are all kinds of things we could do if we thought they’d be good.

If I were to start something like this, would anyone out there be interested? Any venues to suggest getting in touch with? Would this be a good resource for people looking for fun things to do?

^^^\ Kate /^^^

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