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My friend gira_bryant posted a question on LiveJournal about favorite places to get clothes, shoes, hair, and other things, and my “comment” went a little overboard into blog entry-length. So for the fashion-addicted, here’s a quick post with much-too-tiny pictures.

Dazzle. How can I say how much I love Dazzle? Yes, it sometimes runs a little to the sequined and bright, but such beautifully-made outfits! I’ve never spotted a single flaw in any of my Dazzle outfits, and I must have two or three dozen, and they’re among my favorites.


Bare Rose. Unusual, inexpensive, and usually racy. My biggest dress obsession to date in Second Life was the GL Mini Kimono from Bare Rose, which when I finally found it (after months!) turned out to be dirt cheap, very nicely made, and to include (for that low one-outfit price) half a dozen colors.


I also love the exotic costumes at International House of Style …


For shoes, my favorites include Shiny Things (of course!), where I got my favorite black slingbacks that I wear constantly …


and AFantasy, where they sell very nice color-change shoes. The colors are a bit limited, mostly being the lighter or brighter ones, but good color change shoes make such a difference in being able to coordinate! That second pair below, the braided prom shoes, is available for free at the store or on SLExchange!


For hair, like many people I love ETD, and I also love Calla. One hair maker I also love who seems to be a much bigger secret is 0 Style, where I got the shoulderblade-length flexi hair that has become my default.


I also love Pazazz, where they have scripted hair that you can put up (with an animated movement of your arms!) by clicking on it, and I have several styles I really like from Gurl 6.

If it’s unfair to give only thumbnails, let me know and I’ll come back and put in bigger pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

^^^\ Kate /^^^