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On Friday we’ll be holding a Misfits’ Prom at the Diversionarium, something that should be fun whether you want to play it straight or turn the idea of going to a prom on its ear. And it occurred to me that if anyone feels like it, it would be fun to have a photographer and chaperones. The photographer could take pictures of the couples, and the chaperones could go around reprimanding everything or spiking the punch or whatever they liked. šŸ™‚ Anyway, come if you can, and IM me (Kate Amdahl) if you want to photograph or chaperone!

Here are the details:

You are cordially invited to the Misfits’ Prom (that’s a Senior Formal to you Canadians!), Friday night at 7:00 SLT at the Diversionarium. Kate Amdahl hosts and Eris Fallon DJs. Come dressed for the prom or completely not for the prom, with a date or no date or three dates. Were you nervous for your high school prom? At this one you can do anything you want! The punch will be spiked, and after we’ll all go rent hotel rooms and get drunk on cheap champagne!

Attire: formal, informal, friendly, sleazy, or other

Time: 7:00 SLT to heaven only knows when

RSVP: Sure, if you want to!

We’ll have games, a prom king and queen, couples dances, a dance ball, and a number of other things that we never have at the Div under normal circumstances!

Saturday at 1:00 PM SLT: Sophrosyne Stenvaag hosts a discussion on Designing for Your Second Life

Do you have a coffeemaker in your SL kitchen? Have a laptop? Wear glasses? What First Life stuff do you have to have for your Second Life to feel complete?
Come tell us what’s important that you have or do in SL, that might seem like just a prop to someone else!

Hosted by Sophrosyne Stenvaag. Free food, but you’re on your own for finding a bathroom! šŸ™‚

The Diversionarium is a non-commercial spot for social games, creative play, and miscellaneous horsing around. It’s located in beautiful Pandora’s Peace Park, with a mer-friendly lagoon, and includes some well-known games, like chess and Othello, as well as exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else: word games, building games, and more.

SLURL: The Diversionarium in Pandoria