What gets you to sit down and enter Second Life?

Things to do and commitments? I don’t know about you, but I have enough work to do in Second Life (currently including things like creating my long-delayed fireworks sculpting activity for the Diversionarium, building my store in its new location along with Eris, whose store will be on the same land, setting up new members of our League of Friendly Hangouts, not to mention cataloging the new things in my wardrobe, spending as much quality time as possible with Eris, and seeing friends!) to keep me logged in every waking hour if I like. And if I were in-world more (or doing Second Life things outside Second Life), I’d be making sculpties (instead of just maiming spheres, which is as far as I’ve gotten so far), designing some of the clothing I’d love to make, creating games, hosting at the Diversionarium…

Or boredom? Do you log in to Second Life for something to do? I have to say, since I have a lot of fun almost every time I’m in-world, Second Life calls to me whenever I’m running a little short on fun and have even a little time…although mostly I resist, because I can’t afford to spend every day in-world!

Or friends, lovers, or loneliness? Do you go to Second Life to refill your reserves of friendly conversation or dirty sex or wandering conversation or group shopping trips?

Or…something else entirely? Tell me!

^^^\ Kate /^^^