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The League of Friendly Hangouts is a new group for Second Life clubs and gathering places that are social, welcoming, and mostly non-commercial.

The League benefits its member venues by helping to get the word out about their places and events happening there. It helps residents by providing an easy way to find a fun place to be social.

League hangouts and clubs
* are mainly places where everyone talks together or does things together
* are welcoming to all kinds of visitors (as long as the visitors follow the house rules)
* have hosted events or interactive group activities
* don’t have exotic dancers, escorts, sex activities, nudity, or gambling
* are mainly about providing a place for people to have fun instead of being mainly commercial (although a little bit of commerce is OK)

Good candidates for membership might have activities like multi-person games, dancing with a lot of public conversation, discussions, group activities, or friendly competitions, to give a few examples.

Some examples of places that might be great but not a good fit for the League are stores, gambling spots, parks, clubs where people dance but don’t have conversation, sex clubs, amusement parks, schools, or pickup joints.

The League kiosk looks like this

League members put up 3- or 4-prim League of Friendly Hangouts kiosk like the one above at their venue, somewhere it can be easily seen. Then people can page through venues on the kiosk (which changes that picture on the top), get descriptions and pictures, and find out about upcoming events. Thanks to Seven Shikami for the brilliant scripting work on the kiosk!

It doesn’t cost anything to be a League member. If you’re interested in joining, IM Kate Amdahl and someone will come out to see your venue. If you’re a Resident interested in hanging out at some of the views, please also IM Kate Amdahl, and we’ll keep you in the loop! You can also find a League kiosk at the Diversionarium in Pandoria (although it will be a week or two before we have several venues in it!)

^^^\ Kate /^^^