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Tuesday: Othello and Other Games

Tuesday at 6:30 PM SLT, nox Pinion hosts Othello (Reversi) and other games at the Diversionarium. Come, relax, chat, and flip some tiles with friends and new acquaintances. Play Othello, chess, Avisleuth, Limeruckus, Mystery Build, Quoste, or improv on our stage.

Saturday: Getting Clubbed in SL

No, we won’t be talking about being griefed, but about the perils and pleasures of owning a nightclub!

Have you ever dreamed of your own club – a corner pub or A-list hot spot? Do you have visions of a room full of happy avatars dancing the night away, but worry about how you’ll find reliable hosts or about gathering cobwebs while everyone goes off and parties elsewhere?

Then come join us on Saturday, October 6 from 1-3:30 SLT at the Diversionarium. We’ll have an open discussion with SL club veterans to talk about the thrills and pitfalls of running a Second Life club, including:

* Flameheart Sol, House of Flames
* Grizzy Griswold, Grizzy’s Cafe
* Summer Seale, CattyShack
* Vannesh Cannoli, Martini Lounge
* Possibly Alexander Burgess, Clockwork (invitation pending)

The Diversionarium is a non-commercial spot for social games, creative play, and miscellaneous horsing around. It’s located in beautiful Pandora’s Peace Park, with a mer-friendly lagoon, and includes some well-known games, like chess and Othello, as well as exclusive games you won’t find anywhere else: word games, building games, and more.

SLURL: The Diversionarium in Pandoria