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“Spanky’s Spots (Earth)” from Marly’s in the Retro sim

As a confessed fashionista in Second Life (though more of a fashion plebe in First Life) and a girl who likes her bit of history, I’ve been really surprised at how few nice historical costumes I’ve come across in Second Life! True, there are some beautiful Victorian things out there, and there are a lot of medieval-inspired dresses, but I’m talking about flapper dresses and chitons and 60’s-style minidresses. I mean, they do exist, but are there are a lot of them? No!

“Lakota Sioux Woman” from International House of Style

I’ve found a few that I really love, though. Not all of them are perfectly historically accurate, but since I don’t know enough about historical clothing to tell, I can’t say which ones are and aren’t. 🙂 I guess I want something that makes me think I could sneak around in the historical time and place to which it belongs wearing it and not seem out of place.

“Myth Dibou Toga” from MythCreations

So if you’ve seen those kinds of outfits in Second Life, tell me where you found them! And if you haven’t, you might like some of the places I found these.

“Greta” from Last Call. I don’t know how historical this is,
but what beautiful work!

A Saloon Girl freebie left over from a machinima production

“Charlston [sic] (brown hair)” from Adam n Eve

^^^\ Kate /^^^