If you find yourself having any of these questions or concerns, it may be time to consider another hobby instead of Second Life:

* I keep hitting the “alt” button, but I’m still the same avatar!
* Wherever I go, there’s somebody standing in front of me so I can’t see, and when I try to talk to them, they don’t answer.
* I looked inside my head, and there’s nothing in it! Should I be worried?
* I keep hearing that everything in Second Life is prim, but instead it seems to be kind of slutty in places.
* Do the people in my friends list really love me?
* I think I got another avatar pregnant. Will this increase our free prim allowance?
* I tried to get on my Second Life wife’s health insurance, but they won’t let me. Does that mean she’s really a man?
* Can you tell my RL girlfriend that just because I spend all my time and money on my SL girlfriend and have virtual sex with her all the time, that doesn’t mean I’m cheating? She won’t believe me.
* I think I just really pissed off my friend. Where’s the undo button?
* Can I deduct my SL penis on my RL taxes as a medical expense?
* How do I win?

(You know, I realized after I posted this that I attributed some of the dorkiest questions specifically to men, which I hope men reading this won’t take personally. 🙂 )