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I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen any Second Life personals. Maybe they exist and I just haven’t stumbled on them? Here’s what I think they might look like:

SWF (skunk/were-fox) looking for MBF (masculine bisexual furry) for romantic flies along the beach, long chats in the dance club, and hard-core BDSM. You should have good grammar and a scripted kiss attachment. No alts.

SWF who is a RLMWM seeks SF who is a RLF to discipline and instruct me on nights when I’m not taking care of the kids. Should be kind, sweet, understanding, cruel, domineering, heartless, sexy, and have a wardrobe full of black latex, leather, and spiky collars that in real life would leave scars. Must be willing never to tell my wife and to be true and loyal to me forever.

Young/old male/female merman/angel/robot/fashion model seeks same for making up previously impossible perversions. I like to collect unusual pose balls and glitchy hair, go freebie-shopping, and to hunt zombie dogs. My deal-breakers are liars and default skin.

SGM (single green male) builder with CAD and graphic design background seeks LSL scripter with particle and vehicle skills for making hair, earrings, scripted pets, weapons, and wild passionate love. Detail-minded resis only: if your seams don’t match, you’re not my type.

Young, slim, male avatar seeks sugar daddy to bankroll my sex change. Actually, I can do the sex change by myself, but I need help with the skin, hair, eyes, wardrobe, and shoes!

SF seeks SM for completely traditional relationship that I can become obsessed with. Sweep me off my feet, date me through a long, 3-day courtship, and then marry me in a church made out of Lego (must love Lego). We’ll get a beautiful McMansion by the beach with a bathroom and kitchen we’ll never use. Must love scripted pregnancies and child avs. Is there a man out there who can love me forever (or until we start to get to know each other and find out we mainly just like playing house)?

^^^\ Kate /^^^