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I’ve been waiting until I have time to post a full and detailed account of what’s going on in my Second Life, but since that time seems to be slow in coming, I’ll say what I can in short bursts!

So, we’re now entering into “adventures in not being in Second Life.” I actually hadn’t planned to become mostly-absent from Second Life, but what happened was this: I’ve been in relationship limbo for quite some time, and then not too long ago, that situation ended. Sorry about the lack of juicy details, but my First Life needs its privacy. šŸ™‚ Soon after that, I got into a new committed relationship (well, not that you could call the old thing a committed relationship!), and based on my Rules, I immediately had to go end the romantic side of my Second Life. What this really means is that I had to break up with my girlfriend Eris, whom I’d been with for fifteen months–all of my Second Life, more or less!

It’s not *quite* as painful as it sounds, although it was painful enough. We’d both known I wouldn’t be out of the First Life love market forever, and that Second Life relationships aren’t OK with me if there’s a committed First Life relationship, so we knew it was coming. And yet, of course, it was awful.

And Eris, who has been with me all of her Second Life, too, decided that that was it for her, and she has essentially left Second Life (although we’re still in touch outside it!). I *haven’t* left Second Life, but with Eris gone and my attention in First Life, I barely go in-world at all any more. Which means that I have a lot of things to get rid of!

First there’s our home, the Second Life Sylph Refuge, a large, double-prim plot in the named-oh-so-inappropriately-for-us Beverly Hill sim (on an Anshe Chung island), with a beach house down below and our private, custom-build sky house above. That’s for sale, if anyone’s interested in seeing it. IM me if you are!

Then there’s our venue, the Diversionarium, which to my delight is being taken over by Extropia–meaning our longtime friend and popular former Div hostess Sophrosyne Stenvaag, and many other friends of ours.

And then there are our stores. My shop, Kate Tease, which sells fairy glow and women’s tops with raunchy sayings on them and boxes of bats and things, is staying put, but Eris’s, Strict Affections, which wasn’t finished yet, is going away, and we’ll probably sell some of our land in that sim unless someone would like to rent a store space under Kate Tease.

That’s hardly a complete treatment of the matter, but I thought I’d better say *something* here. Sorry for the long silence, Dear Readers! šŸ™‚ More to come.

^^^\ Kate /^^^