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All right, I know I’m always talking about Kit Meredith this and Kit Meredith that, and here are my amazing thoughts about this subject raised by Kit Meredith, but…well, I guess there’s no but. I’m just always doing that. And today I’m doing it again.

Kit posted a really interesting and not just slightly miffed post about Linden Labs’ new policy of never letting anyone mention them. (OK, that’s not really the policy, but they want everyone to stop using “Second Life” and “Linden” and all in pretty much everything.)

That seems kind of silly to me, especially at this late date, and here’s why: Second Life is a product, admittedly, and Linden Labs is a company, of course–but Second Life is also a phenomenon, like Disco or the Gulf War or dim sum. “Honey, let’s go out for dim sum®!” doesn’t work. They should revel in the wide usage of their names and only get testy if someone is trying to mislead people into thinking they have some kind of official affiliation with Second Life, shouldn’t they? Wouldn’t that be both kinder and better business sense?

Well, in the general spirit of peevedness, I’ve just discounted my “Slave of Second Life” shirt from L$120 to, well, free. Beware! Wearing it may infringe Linden Labs’ rights! You have been warned!

As you can see, this unisex shirt follows a BDSM theme, with a Second Life logo hand, which I’m sure I’m not supposed to be reproducing in this way, holding onto a leash that connects to a studded collar on the wearer’s neck. If you’ve ever noticed it’s three in the morning, and you had to get up for work at 6:30, and you still refused to log off, you’ll understand the sentiment behind making this shirt.

Versions of the shirt are included both with and without the small red logo on the back, which I think sums it up.

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