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This is all very tentative at the moment, but I may soon be looking to employ some people in Second Life to help me with a new project that won’t be ready to discuss publicly for a while.

There are two kinds of positions: one is assisting people and answering their questions, and requires someone who is friendly, cheerful, and not put off if someone acts confused or irritated.

The other is reviewing information and requires attention to detail and good judgement.

Both would probably start out paying L$600 to L$1,250 per hour, although that’s just a guess at this point (and they may be set up to pay some other way than hourly). Both jobs can be done from anywhere in Second Life. Number of hours and specific hours worked are quite flexible. The project itself is fun and interesting for people who like the social side of Second Life.

Anyone who’s interested can IM me (Kate Amdahl), preferably with an e-mail address. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^