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And now a brief post about why New World Notes is so entertaining.

Frankly I’d be surprised if anyone who reads my blog doesn’t already know about New World Notes, but just in case, I’ll say that it’s a very well-written, information-rich, news-and-trends blog by Hamlet Au, with contributions from other clever people such as Iris Ophelia for fashion and Charlanna Beresford for events (Charlanna, by the way, is a truly delightful person. I mention this so that I get credit for knowing her).

Anyway, New World Notes is insightful and informative, but it’s also freaky. This is something I love about Second Life: I can go out searching for mermaid clubs, I can complain about there not being enough flying dances, I can tell people the story of the time I was griefed into bondage gear in a freefall … and we can see pictures like “Carp” by Ashanti (this stolen from New World Notes):

I’m curious whether those carp were caught in Jen Shikami and Seven Shikami‘s wildly popular Seven Seas Fishing game. (Jen and Seven are also delightful in person. Is this some kind of trend among Second Life movers and shakers?)

NWN is also a source of wonderfully bizarre sentences, some expressing the weirdness of living in a virtual world and some just clever. 🙂 For instance:

This time, the part of Shawn Fanning is played in part by a tiny pink cat, while everyone else in the world gets to be Metallica.

(from http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2006/11/second_life_clo.html)


Is a Japanese company selling live kittens for Linden Dollars?

(from http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/06/kittens-for-lin.html)

and finally, from today’s entry:

All I can hazard is that it featured this seasoned dancer and took place in this Shibuya bar, which is also a hangout for this Japanese-based SL musician, who reports on his blog that this former CEO of a San Francisco-based virtual world company was recently spotted scribbling his name on the bathroom door there.  No, really.

^^^\ Kate /^^^