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Earlier in the week I mentioned my high regard for New World Notes, and I was beginning to think I should put together a collection of links to good Second Life sites. Here are a few of my favorites. What are yours? What Second Life sites do you frequent? Blogs, shopping sites, news sites, picture sites (especially picture sites: I don’t know many of those), reference sites, favorite Second Life blog posts of all time: what would you recommend and why?

I’m purposely leaving out friends’ blogs in this post, although some of my friends have wonderful blogs, because I’m so biased. 🙂

   The Second_Lifers
Livejournal community

There’s always someone posting something interesting here, and I’ve met a lot of friends through this group. There are veterans who will answer questions happily and new Resis who share their enthusiasm and delight. Generally a very friendly spot!

Linden Lifestyles

My favorite Second Life fashion site, at least back when I used to read them more regularly. It’s not as lively now as it used to be, or it doesn’t seem that way to me, but there are great posts with fun new things and a long, searchable archive of posts to help you find something special you might be looking for.


   The LSL Wiki

Of no interest to you if you don’t script in Linden
Scripting Language (LSL), but an indispensable reference if you do! Explains a lot of things the official documentation leaves out, and includes examples. This site is so helpful, at one point I *almost* began to understand rotations!

Fabulously Free in SL

A boon to new Resis and anyone who doesn’t keep a lot of Linden Dollars around: FabFree digs up the best freebies in Second Life (and you might be amazed when you see how many good ones there are–I was!) and reviews them in an upbeat way. Even contains some things for men!

A later update: Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! I made good use of them. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^