Today on New World Notes (I know, I’m beginning to stalk Hamlet Au’s blog like I stalk Kit’s when she’s posting. That’s not a hint, Kit! Well, maybe a little … 😉 ) Hamlet Au posted results of a conversation with Rob Seaver, the CEO of the company (Vivox) that provides Second Life’s voice capabilities. Rob says, basically, that half of Second Life’s residents are using voice–and not just occasionally, but a lot.



Where are these users? I guess I could switch voice on and listen to them. Is he counting that, people who are listening in but don’t themselves chat by voice? Maybe that’s why the numbers are so high. But call me crazy if you must (and I have some things in inventory I can wear to look the part), but I thought Second Life had lots and lots of people with roommates, babies, different First Life genders, strong foreign accents, penchants for multiconversing, privacy issues…is absolutely everyone else using voice? Despite its limitations and problems? I don’t mean there’s anything wrong with voice, but I don’t know anyone who uses it…and I made most of my friends before voice came to the grid!

Or maybe lots of my friends use it, but they don’t mention it to me because I don’t.

Are there thousands and thousands of corporate users squirrelled away in private sims using this stuff?

Are these the sploder and a/s/l crowds I tend to avoid?

Are all the new users on voice because they think that’s what you’re supposed to use?

Is it just that I tend to befriend other people who type well?

Please, someone explain this to me. I thought I had been to Second Life recently, but I’m beginning to think I was somewhere else!

^^^\ Kate /^^^