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Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post.

First, thanks to everyone who commented with more information! Now I understand how a significant number of people can be using voice despite my never running into them. Time to turn voice on (muted) and see if I start hearing some of those people!

So, Mr. Seaver apparently said that of those 50% of Resis who use voice, 80% of the ones who are in-world are “using voice” at any given moment. *However*, there’s no credible way that can mean that 80% are actually using voice as in using it to speak. Imagine having a conversation with just one person. Now imagine that *each* of you is speaking 80% of the time (which is actually *less* than the average speaker would be speaking in this case, since we assume that some of those people who sometimes use voice aren’t using voice at all at any given moment). Of course, you would both be talking over each other almost all the time. It’s even worse with 3 or more people.

So unless voice use in Second Life is *solely* shouting over each other and never listening to what anyone else has to say, which is not what it was when I listened to it, and nonsensical considering that there are some very sensible people who use voice despite its limitations, this 80% must be people who have voice turned on, not people who are currently using it to speak. And some people have voice turned on just in case someone in the area speaks using voice, even though often there will be no speakers around. So this 80% of 50% figure really is greatly exaggerated if we’re trying to count people who *talk* with voice. And I say it’s exaggerated not because I find it surprising, but because people don’t literally talk over each other every moment of every conversation!

What I’d like to know is what percentage of residents, on average, are engaged in a voice conversation at any given time. Of course, that would require defining “engaged in a voice conversation.” Maybe we can say “have spoken in the last five minutes”? I hope we see that figure somewhere! It drives me crazy when I don’t get to understand something about Second Life culture that interests me.

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