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So here’s what I was thinking a week or two ago: there are an incredible variety of really good Second Life-related sites on the Web, but as far as I can tell, there’s no one place I can go to easily access all of them. Second Life (it seemed to me) needed a Web portal.

So I decided to put together www.SecondLinks.com

I added the SnapShots tool I knew from LiveJournal, which means that for most of the blogs and news sites listed, you can hover over a link and it will make a little window with a summary of all the recent posts, or click on one to see the whole thing. I’ve been using it to find out when some of my favorite blogs have been updated, without having to surf to a half-dozen sites when I do it.

I have some other ideas for it, like being able to hide any sections you’re not interested in, and put sections in order, and a separate page that’s an RSS summary of the sites that offer RSS feeds, but we’ll see if I have time to do those with everything else going on.

There’s an address for suggestions of sites, too, if you have any ideas!

^^^\ Kate /^^^