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The Wireframe

I was reading a recent post by Prokofy Neva, Second Life’s bad boy blogger, who’s been kicked out of both the official Second Life blog and the Second Life forums, in which he describes the FIC. FIC stands for “feted inner core”, the people who he feels are really pulling the strings in Second Life, the people who have made things happen and can make more things happen. (He goes out of his way to emphasize that his FIC list is just his, and anyone who doesn’t like it is more than welcome to make their own and get some discussion going.) It’s hard to define this FIC: he has four or five versions (if you include several versions with the people who used to be more important than (by Prokofy’s measure) they are now).

And I’d argue that these people aren’t the only core Second Life has. There’s the artistic core, the building and designing core, the in-the-trenches core, the social core…all of which he more or less takes into account in his FIC list. Yet I think that this kind of list really reflects only one aspect of the core of Second Life: the things that make Second Life what it is. But surely (you might say) that’s the most important aspect? It would be, except that Second Life is all about resi-created content, and if you ask me, the most important resi-created content is the social and emotional content, the connections and realizations and changes to our First Life selves. It wouldn’t matter who controls the technical aspects of Second Life, or who are the economic powerhouses are, if nobody were experiencing anything. It would be an empty world, of no importance to anybody. Of course, everybody experiences things, so it wouldn’t be very useful to try to suss out who the most important “experiencers” in Second Life are. But when looking at the people who determine the structure and nature and governance of Second Life, we’re only looking at what I’d call the “wireframe,” the underlying structure of the place, whether it’s business and economics or politics or technology. What makes it a world is all the people in it.

Anyway, by FIC lights, I hardly know anybody. Very few of the names on the list meant anything to me, and I’ve only had conversations with a few of those movers and shakers. And yet I know some things about Second Life, like you probably do, that other people don’t know. Ain’t it wonderful?

(Wireframe pictures taken in Downtown, District 8 183, 158, 37.)

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