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The Time Wall

(The clocks are from !ClockWerks, Midas Northwest 28,59,29.)

Kit Meredith recently wrote about some of the things that keep her out of the loop in Second Life, that make her wonder if she’s a second class citizen because all she can hold is the elephant’s tail. The one of these that stood out most for me was the inability to do things or be with people if you weren’t on the right schedule. This is what I’ll call the Time Wall, the barrier between any two people or groups of people who aren’t typically able to log into Second Life at the same time. There are parties on the other side of the Time Wall that you’ll never be able to crash, people there you’ll never be able to spend time with, events you’ll never be able to attend – unless your schedule is incredibly flexible and you can basically be in-world whenever you like. This rules out any of us who have a full-time job, go to school full-time, have kids, or need to sleep on a regular schedule … which is most of us.

And yet the nature of the Metaverse is such that we can have friends across that Time Wall. I’m hardly ever in-world at the same time as Faerie Hax, for instance, but sometimes I’ll log on to find she has dropped me a present of a new skin she’s made, or a landmark for someplace wonderful to visit, or we’ll exchange comments on one another’s posts or fire off IM’s. Actually she does a lot better than I do at it (but she should know that I’m thinking of her fondly on a regular basis). Still, with the Time Wall, she might as well be living on the other side of the world! Oh wait, she is

The point, if I have one (and I often do, though not as often as I would like) is that while the breadth and variety of Second Life issues and knowledge can be daunting, and the skills and influence and reputation of many people in Second Life can be impressive, there’s no way we’re going to figure out what the heck this elephant looks like without everybody reaching out and feeling a little.

(Here’s hoping you don’t get one of the iffy parts.)

^^^\ Kate /^^^