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So an interesting conversation came up in the comments of this post on the Second_Lifers Livejournal group in which a store owner suggested it’s rude to ignore a Second Life store owner or employee who greets you while you’re shopping. Personally I could see that being pleasant or netural, but for a lot of people, it’s neither of those things: it’s an intrusion. Since I hadn’t thought of that before (not that I generally sit around in my store and greet people), I thought that others might not have thought of it either, and might like to hear about it.

epiphany says “Shopping is, to me, a form of SL meditation.”

wendyscalia agrees, and adds “Aye, I’m the same way. I spend nine tenths of my time GM’ing and RP’ing in RP sims, so when I go shopping, it freaks me out to have someone call me by name and act like they’re my friend.”

Gira Bryant, who has a very wide experience of social venues in Second Life, goes further and says “I will just as pointedly ignore salespeople in SL as I do in RL if not more so. I know what I like, I generally don’t need help, and if I do need it I’ll ask for it. Furthermore, I would not take “Please let me know if you need help” as an invitation to conversation, I would take that very literally and not approach unless I needed help.”

The interesting thing for me here is a realization of how differently people conduct their Second Lives, that not everyone is online always to socialize, however much the butterflies among us (and that would probably include me) might imagine it’s so. Whether we can manage always to respect one another’s different ways of having a Second Life without being able to tell exactly what those ways are remains a mystery to me, but this, at least, is one more bit of grist for the mill: not everyone appreciates a hello, however friendly it is.

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