Faerie Hax commented on my post yesterday about the purpose of being in Second Life, “I feel that this thin/curvy discussion is based on the underlying assumption that ‘my first life must reflect my second life’. I don’t want it to.”

I think in my rambling about all the sides of the issue, I probably failed to get across what seems to me the most important thing (I’m much more of a discusser than a slam-the-point-homer, which can be a distraction sometimes): anyone who tells you that your Second Life should be this or that, apart from matters of basic human decency, should be cheerfully disregarded. Avatars don’t have to be realistic. They don’t have to be idealized. They don’t have to be your same gender, or experimental, or creative, or under seven feet tall. They don’t have to be wingless…because honestly, why would anyone want to be wingless? I still don’t get that. 😉 But they don’t have to be winged, either.

Different people are in Second Life for different reasons, and if anyone says you’re doing it wrong, they’re missing the important point that they may not even know what you’re trying to do. Maybe you’re just not doing it the right way for them.

Ignore them all. If you’re respecting yourself and the people (or creatures) around you, you’re doing it right.

^^^\ Kate /^^^

PS – That beautiful picture was stolen from Faerie’s blog posts about faerie fashion. 🙂