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So today the always-perceptive but often-acerbic Prokofy Neva posted a request on his blog to be taken off the Second Life Herald masthead, perhaps because of an article that strikes me as being, um … I’ll have to say “wildly offensive” about a Second Life abortion clinic (I’ll save you the trouble of reading it: it basically says “Look, neat! Virtual abortions!” I *think* the tone is supposed to be kidding).

Anyway, Prokofy advocates for more Second Life newspapers, saying “I hope some hard-hitting reporters will blog more, and maybe make a paper. We definitely need one — more than one! — in our still very much closed society of SL.”

Standing by a few of the newspaper and magazine vendors in the Cookie sim

Well, and that makes me wonder. Is there a place for newspapers and magazines about Second Life? After all, the typical resi is on the Internet a lot, as far as I can tell. If I were pressed to nominate a top periodical for Second Life, I’d seriously think about naming something like New World Notes. Yes, it’s a blog, but it has headlines, reporters, articles … and between that and resources like the Second Links news page and Mal Burns’ daily tweetfest newstravaganza and Reuters and others, is there even a need for something that thinks of itself as a newspaper or a magazine?

What about a print magazine that got mailed to your home or that you could buy on the newsstand. Would that be interesting? Or would it be outdated before the ink was even wet? Or would it be just unnecessarily frustrating not to be able to click on it?

Of course we already have newspapers and magazines: the Herald and The Metaverse Messenger [edited to fix a funny spelling mistake šŸ™‚ ], among others. Do you read them? Do you wish there were something else in the field that you could read?

And you know, I’m kind of tempted to create something like this myself (I know, here we go again), the easy way: maybe I could start a new section of Second Links and find a volunteer editor each for Second Life news, community, fashion, economy, and entertainment and have a sort of daily table of contents of the previous day’s blog best blog posts on those subjects. Or maybe there’s no need for that and we’re all set with just the blogs. Or just the blogs plus the periodicals we already have. What do you think?

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