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I’d like to take a moment to thank Philip Linden for including those two twin wonders of Second Life: the ability to fly and the ability to dance. I love dancing in both lives, although in Second Life for me it’s usually more about the conversation, and in First Life it’s about the motion and the contact and the music and the rhythm.

And my favorite dances in Second Life by a long stretch (with apologies to great places like Bits and Bobs) are from Sine Wave, ever since they opened. So, for a long time I’ve been hoping they’d make couples dances, but I hadn’t discovered any on the endless plain of Sine Wave Island until this past week, when I was delighted to find about eight Sine Wave couples dances for sale, including some dirty dancing, some slow dancing, and one called “Over and Out”, which as near as I can tell is Lindy Hop. I *loooove* Lindy Hop, even though I can’t really dance it yet (although I do East Coast Swing). Well, in First Life I can’t, but after my visit to Sine Wave Island, Tangent Tandino and I gave it a try!

I wouldn’t normally be posting video, but Torley Linden plaintively asked for more video blogging in this post, so I thought “Well, maybe that could amplify my awesome a little,” and the dance seemed just the thing.

Please excuse my machinima skills. This is not really my area of greatest expertise. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^