I’ve been wanting to try surfing for a long time, especially in Second Life, where it seems like the chance of a sand facial would be much less likely. Once I tried it, I realized something about Second Life’s appeal for me, something that (for a change) doesn’t specifically revolve around the people I meet in Second Life.

My friend Stormy catching a wave

Before I went surfing, I made sure to buy the proper equipment. Not surfing equipment, though: computer equipment. After many months of computer troubles, I finished up my efforts to make my computer work well with Second Life by buying a new graphics card, an EVGA GeForce 8800 that cost me $80 from NewEgg.com after the rebate that I still haven’t filled out (*Kate takes out her to do list and adds an item*). By the way, I had no clue what to buy, so thank you very much to the two angelic people who assisted me in finding it. 🙂

The graphics card was important because of all the water and sky effects, since while I guess Second Life surfing is fun for the challenge of it, a little, mainly it’s just kind of a visualization exercise for me. Lying there in the water on my borrowed surfboard, I was surprised to find myself feeling much the same way I would feel if I were lying on something floating in a glassy bay somewhere tropical. I mean, there I was on my computer screen having a vacation, and the vacation was a little bit real. Granted I’m a little overworked these days and probably am snatching at straws, but the interesting thing here is a reminder that Second Life can be a visualization tool. You know those exercises where you lie back, close your eyes, and picture yourself somewhere calming and beautiful? That’s what I did when I went surfing. And it worked.

So one of my answers for the question “Yeah, but what do you *do* in Second Life?” henceforward will be:

“How desperate are you for a tropical vacation?”

^^^\ Kate /^^^

PS – A later addition: 1ndustria reminded me to say where I went, and it’s a good reminder, because I really like the place: beautiful, lots of nice waves, and several loaner surfboards. 🙂 It’s Nymph’s Beach, which I found at Socks’ Rough Guide to Second Life Surfing.