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[Reality has changed, so the post has changed too. The original version of this post is now a casualty of mucking with the space-time continuum.]

This will be brief, and you can file it under “Kate would like everyone in the world to behave properly, please”.

In the past 24 hours I’ve unfortunately had to read two particular articles on subjects of interest from two Second Life news sources that will remain nameless. There appeared to be a little uncertainty about what the guidelines are for reporting news rather than expressing opinions.

Yep, that’s me: the journalism police
The great police costume is from Laqroki

The first article used to include some strong opinions about the Second Life user interface that seemed to be coming from the writer rather than the subjects of the article. But the writer recently updated the piece so that the opinions were attributed to their original source, for which I think a lot of credit is due. Most people react to unfavorable comments about their work by defending or sulking. This writer reacted by editing. Now, that’s a writer! Of course it deprives me of an example, but I think I can live with that. 🙂

The second posted an advertisement as an illustration…actually, a false advertisement (the people who had created the ad seem to have made an unintentional mistake in wording). The rest of the article was promotional material for the company being described and promotional quotes from one of its principles. I imagine this was done with the best of intentions, but you know what they say about good intentions, especially if you’ve visited the Road to Hell sim and looked down at the prims they’re using.

Anyway, if people want to write opinion pieces about Second Life, I’m all for that…it’s what *I* do, certainly. But for anyone writing a factual article, please remember that opinions need to come from people you interview and not from you yourself! And uncritically printing promotional material is not journalism.

Hamlet Au never confuses facts with opinion. Why can’t everyone be more like Hamlet Au? Hamlet, come up here and look handsome so that people can emulate you.

All right, I feel better. Now back to your regularly scheduled virtual day. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^